Traffic department investigates collision on Nisbet Road

Police Force of Sint Maarten – Korps Politie Sint Maarten

Traffic department investigates collision on Nisbet Road
At approximately 05:00 pm on August 29, the Central Dispatch received several calls of a serious traffic Accident occurring on W.J.A. Nisbet Road at the junction of Webster street and Nisbet road where a motorcycle rider had been injured. Several Police patrols and ambulance personnel were dispatched to the scene.
Upon arrival at the scene it was determined to be a traffic accident involving the driver of a grey Nissan X-trail and the rider of a black and yellow Yama motorcycle.
Further investigation revealed that the driver of the X-Trail attempted to turn left on to the C. Webster street at the same time that the Yama motorcycle was heading towards the Salt Pickers roundabout. As a result, of the accident, the rider of the Yamaha motorcycle sustained a fractured upper arm.
He was administered first aid by ambulance personnel and was transported to the SMMC for further treatment. The investigation into this accident is still ongoing.

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