Tassel Road suspect extradited from Guadeloupe

From:  Acting head of communication Department

Inspector E.S Josepha

Philipsburg, Tuesday September 14th 2022

Tassel Road suspect extradited from Guadeloupe

The primary suspect in the 2021 Valentine’s Day stabbing on Tassel Road has been extradited from Guadeloupe and is now detained by the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM.

On 15 August 2021, suspect H.G.-R. was detained in Guadeloupe as he attempted to board a flight.  Following the extradition process, he was returned to St. Maarten on September 6, 2022, where he was formally arrested and taken to the Philipsburg police station for questioning by the Major Crime Unit detectives.

Detectives have been working on this case since it occurred on February 14, 2021, at around 11:30pm.

On that night, people were called after two men sustained severe stab wounds a brawl and were transported in critical condition by private vehicle to St. Maarten Medical Center. Investigators attempted to obtain statements from both victims that day, but neither was able to give statements due to their critical medical condition.

While on the scene, detectives approached several witnesses to learn details regarding what had taken place. The following day, officers were notified that one victim had succumbed to his injuries from the attack.

Officers identified a suspect, with initials H.G.-R., in the stabbing incident. A an arrest warrant was issued for him by the Prosecutor’s Office OM SXM. An island-wide search was conducted for the suspect. A few weeks after the incident, KPSM received information that H.G.-R. had fled to a neighboring islands. This information led to the issuance of an International Arrest Warrant by OM SXM for the suspect. It was based on that warrant he was detained by French authorities and extradited to Sint Maarten.

The investigation is still ongoing.


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