Opening Postponed | Visit SOLO Exhibition ROZA MONDI | Ailsa Anastatia

Dear Friends of The Curaçao Museum,

After very careful consideration of the weather forecast of heavy rainfall for today, we have decided to postpone the official opening and celebration of the exhibition ROZA MONDI, which was scheduled for tonight at the Museum, to a later date. The new date will be announced.

In the meantime we cordially invite you to visit this wonderful exhibition as of tomorrow September 23, 2022 during our visiting hours at the Museum. 

Our visiting hours are:
Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30
Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00

You can contact us for more information at: or give us a call on 462 6051.

The exhibition

Will be on show till November 12, 2022.

See you soon at The Curaçao Museum!

Ailsa Anastatia | An introduction
In her Artwork(s) Ailsa reflects on the human species and its relationship with his
surroundings.  She investigates these in relation to land(scapes), architecture,
the spaces we live in and recently she explores socio-political ‘spaces’.  She
incorporates spirituality, memories, and cultural heritage into her visual narratives.
Her choice of techniques and materials are a personal medium in the fulfillment of
her often conceptual concepts.
Ailsa Anastatia began her studies at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts,
Tilburg. After receiving her BA degree she continued her studies in Amsterdam,
at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.
Next to her own Atelier she is also an art educator and board member of
Instituto Buena Bista (IBB). IBB is the center for contemporary art in Curaçao
providing creative youth with a two year creative and/or artistic preparatory course
and is also a residency spot for international artists.
Ailsa has participated in many local and international group exhibitions.
Her work has been on display for international audiences through residencies (CBK Zuid-oost) as well as
in exhibitions, for example at The Harold B Lemmerman Gallery Hall in New Jersey and the Open Stal in The Netherlands. Ailsa has also featured in publications as well, like ‘Entangled species’ by Sasha Dees.
She recently participated in the online exhibition, Atlantic World Art Fair (AWAF) 2022 where Ailsa has been selected ‘Curator’s Choice’ by the curators Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Albertine Kopp!
Ailsa will be presenting her theme divided in four projects during her Solo Exhibition ROZA MONDI in which she explores the (dis)connection of us humans, with our landscape(s). The historical and traditional relationship we have with our landscapes and the exploitation of this same land for commercial purposes. Ailsa provides us with images that create a space for dialogue and invites the audience to revisit history and reconnect with our surrounding space, land and environment because in the process of making the space surrounding us, our own, we sometimes forget that we are causing serious damage to the environment and our ecosystem.
Human invasion with the use of, for example, concrete, among other man-made materials, interferes, disrupts and brings our Nature in serious disbalance. In this process we remove our ‘Mondi’ for commercial buildings or for the building of new houses. 
In  Papiamentu, the removal of our ‘Mondi’ to make way for more ‘concrete’ is called ‘ROZA MONDI’.
This exhibition is kindly sponsored by: 
Mondriaanfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied, The Curaçao Museum and Uniarte


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