More people arrested for stolen vehicle possession / Drugs and cash confiscated from Cole Bay Home

More people arrested for stolen vehicle possession 

Police continue to arrest people for possession of stolen vehicles as officers conduct traffic controls in the different districts. Recent arrests total no less than five people who were in the possession of and/or driving a stolen vehicle. 


Police remind the public that it is essential to conduct a thorough background research before purchasing any second-hand vehicle. This REMINDER is to inform the public how to avoid buying a possibly stolen vehicle. 


Many stolen vehicles were resold at a price below their actual value. Some buyers have no idea that the vehicles were stolen until a police investigation.


Police hope this notice will also help protect the innocent buyer who intends to purchase a vehicle not knowing it is stolen and might stand a great chance in losing all rights to that vehicle and never having his/her hard-earned money refunded.                                                                                   

To avoid coming in contact with the police or the justice system, the public should take note of the following before purchasing a second-hand vehicle. 


  • Buyer must never make a financial transfer to buy for a vehicle without getting a signed and completed “Bill Of Sale” from the seller. (Buyer Beware!)
  • Buyer should request from seller all underlying documents that go with the vehicle that is being purchased. 


Documents that should accompany the Bill of Sale when acquiring a second hand vehicle are:


  • A copy of Seller’s ID (driver’s license/ID card or Passport)
  • The buyer’s valid driver’s license (for verification)
  • A copy the vehicle’s last insurance policy (for verification)
  • A copy of the vehicle’s last inspection card (for verification)
  • Or the original Carte de Grise (if being purchased from someone on the French Side)
  • Check the VIN and engine number. (If it’s been tampered with)


The Police Department also advises anyone who is about to purchase a second hand vehicle to have the VIN number of the vehicle checked by an authorized car dealer, before proceeding with the financial transaction.




Supposedly Stolen vehicle

Drugs and cash confiscated from Cole Bay Home

Around 10:00am, today, August 23, 2022, police patrol was dispatched to an address in Cole Bay to deal with a family argument that was threatening to get out of hand. 


At location, there was an altercation between two family members residing at the address. As the argument escalate, the patrol became aware that the male relative was possibly in possession of a narcotics in his part of the home.


With the consent of the property owners, a search was conducted at the residence. A large quantity of narcotics of various types and cash were discovered by the police in one of the rooms. 


In view of these circumstances, suspect with initials L.P. Mc.C was immediately detained by police and the narcotics and money were seized.

Forensics and detective personnel were called to the scene.  


The suspect and confiscated goods were later transported to the police station in Philipsburg.

This investigation is still ongoing.



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