Government of Sint Maarten ** Ministry VROMI: Car Wrecks Identified in Simpson Bay Village **

The Ministry of VROMI continues its clean-up efforts by identifying Car Wrecks for removal in the Simpson Bay Village area. Once tagged, owners are given a timeframe of 72 hours to remove the wrecks from public property and have them discarded or relocated to a garage in the possession of a Hindrance Permit for repair. The government will not be held liable for any damages.
Some of these wrecks are located directly along the PJIAE Runway fence. This is an eyesore for persons residing or working in the area. We also do not want this to be the first thing that visitors see when landing on our beautiful island.
The communities in all districts of Sint Maarten are encouraged to report car wrecks located on the roadside or on the public domain to the Ministry of VROMI at