CHATA shifts course

Following the pandemic, the objectives and the promotion of the interests of the CHATA members had to be reviewed. Aware of the challenges involved, the Board of CHATA has decided to place greater emphasis on the marketing of Curaçao in the various overseas markets and to assume a more active and driving role for CHATA within the tourism policy framework of Curaçao. As a result, Managing Director Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas decided that she does not fit in with this new direction.  With gratitude for the valuable contribution she made in the past two years, they convened after proper consultation that she will leave CHATA as of September 1, 2022.
CHATA is grateful to Ms. Seferina for getting and keeping the CHATA organization back on track after the covid dip. She has also shown courage, from her completely different background, to take on the heavy responsibility of guiding the organization through one of the most difficult periods of its existence under not exactly favorable circumstances.
Now that tourism has re-established itself after the gradual lifting of corona restrictions, both locally and internationally, and business activity has increased across the board, the industry faces very different challenges that will take little or no respite. CHATA is looking for a candidate with the required qualities and skills to work on making the position of the entire hospitality sector in Curaçao’s economic system more sustainable. This will be done in a solid partnership with all other parties involved in the sector in which CHATA will take the lead.

Message from Maria-Helena to all members:
I would like to express my gratitude towards the entire CHATA membership for the confidence and true pleasure in working together for the past period. I wish the CHATA Board much wisdom for the envisioned new strategy and thank them for the opportunity provided to me, to lead the membership, and our organization through a period never seen in history.
Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to the CHATA team, I am amazed by your commitment, teamwork, professional attitude and hard work and genuine care and support to
CHATA and all its members.

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