Bonaire Monthly Tourism Performance For the month of July 2022


Commencing the second half of the year Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) will be sharing a monthly tourism performance overview. This is part of TCB’s data-driven strategy to better align, manage and understand the industries performance.

TCB is reporting a total of 12482 stayover visitors for the month of July 2022. The European market outperformed all other registered market numbers of visitor arrivals. Bonaire welcomed a total of 6801 (55%) Dutch visitors in July and welcomed a total of 2976 (24%) visitors from North America. The average length of stay for the Dutch marker is 14 nights and 7 nights for the US market. Furthermore, the dominating age group of all our visitors ranges between 46 and 65 years. For the month of July 2022, Bonaire welcomed 2 cruise ships carrying a total of 8001 passengers.

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