A warm welcome in Holland for students Saba and Statia

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A warm welcome in Holland for students Saba and Statia
Today, August 1st, was the first day in Holland for the 26 students from Saba and Statia who opted for accompaniment by TuranGoeloe.
On arrival at Schiphol, they were welcomed and escorted to a hotel, where they are lodged for a few days while participating in a central introduction program.
At the end of their first day in Holland, everyone who had registered in time (in March of this year) had health insurance, a bank account, and student accommodation.
On Wednesday, the students will be brought to their new homes, near or in their study town. There they will go through a local introduction program to show them the way to their new school/educational institution, register at their new municipality, and learn to find their way in their new town (shops, pharmacies, sports facilities, etc.)
The weather also co-operated in giving the youngsters a warm welcome, although a few students were a little surprised to find out that no cold air was coming out of the radiators in their hotel room and that air conditioning is not a common thing in a Dutch hotel room.